car body plastic and metal sheet parts, bumpers, reinforcements, mouldings, spoilers, hoods, engine shields, fenders, inner fenders;

lighting for cars and trucks, head lamps, head lamp glases, fog lamps, corner lamps, auxiliary lamps;

rear view mirrors, bodies of mirrors, mirror glases;

grilles, mouldings and lines;

other plastic parts, wheel housings, door mouldings, plastic sill mouldings;

front panels, head lamp frames, crossmembers;

cooling, heating and conditioning parts, radiators, heater cores, condensers, intercoolers;

cooling fans and shrouds;

small parts, archs, sills, other body parts;

performance lighting and grilles;

fuel tanks, plastic tanks;

bulbs, HID bulbs, HID kits;

gas springs;

fasteners, clips, buttons, grommets, rivets, nuts, spryer joints, special screws and nuts, washers, hole plugs, turning plugs, cable strips, other fasteners for wires and tubes.

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