I.  General provisions

 1.1.       These sale and purchase rules (hereinafter "Rules"), after they are accepted by the Purchaser (he reads Rules and puts a tick next to the statement "I read rules of PARTS4YOU.LV and agree with them"), shall be a legal document binding on the parties, where rights and obligations of the Purchaser and PARTS4YOU.LV, products' purchase and payment conditions, products' delivery and return procedure, responsibility of parties and other provisions, connected with sale and purchase of products in PARTS4YOU.LV, are established, except Purchasers, who signed sale and purchase agreement with PARTS4YOU.LV, so delivery of products, payment and other actions are performed in accordance with conditions and  provisions, specified in the sale and purchase agreement.

1.2.       PARTS4YOU.LV reserves a right to change, amend or supplement Rules at any time, considering requirements stipulated by legal acts.

1.3.       PARTS4YOU.LV conducts its business on territories of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

1.4.       The following persons shall be entitled to purchase products in PARTS4YOU.LV;

a)   capable physical persons, i.e. persons, who are of full age and whose capability is not limited by judicial means; 
b)    minors between the ages of  fourteen and sixteen only if they have a consent of their parents or foster parents, except in cases where they independently dispose of their income;
c)     legal entities;
d)    authorized representatives of all aforementioned persons.

   II.  Security of personal data

 2.1.       If the Purchaser wishes to make an order from PARTS4YOU.LV, he shall register there by entering on PARTS4YOU.LV page provided login name and password.

2.2.       To order products the Purchaser shall have to specify necessary personal data; name, surname, delivery address, telephone number. PARTS4YOU.LV confirms that such data shall only be used for sale purposes on PARTS4YOU.LVPARTS4YOU.LV undertakes not to disclose such information to third persons, except partners of PARTS4YOU.LV, which provide products' delivery services or other services, connected with proper execution of Purchasers' order. In all other cases any personal data of the Purchase may be disclosed to third persons only in order, established by legal acts of the Republic of Latvia.

 III.  Purchaser's rights and obligations

3.1.       The Purchaser may purchase products on PARTS4YOU.LV in order, established by these Rules and sale and purchase agreements, signed between parties.

3.2.       In accordance with Rules on return and replacement of products, the Purchaser may return purchased products if a product was not damaged, its appearance was not changed in essence, and it was not used.

3.3.       The Purchaser shall pay for products and accept them in order, established by these Rules, or in accordance with conditions of the sale and purchase agreement, signed between SIA "Car4you plus" and the Purchaser.

3.4.       The Purchaser undertakes not to transfer to third persons his login details. If the Purchaser loses his login details, he shall immediately inform PARTS4YOU.LV about it by communication means, specified in menu item "Contacts".

3.5.       If data, specified in the registration form of the Purchaser, is changed, he shall immediately renew it.

3.6.       Using PARTS4YOU.LV, the Purchaser undertakes to observe these Rules, other conditions, clearly specified in e-shop and not to breach legal acts of the republic of Latvia.

 IV.  PARTS4YOU.LV rights and obligations

 4.1.       PARTS4YOU.LV may set a minimal size of a shopping cart at its discretion, i.e. a minimal amount, which has to be reached to order products. Such amount shall be seen during review of a shopping cart.

4.2.       If the Purchaser wants to affect stability and safety of PARTS4YOU.LV operation or breaches his obligations, PARTS4YOU.LV may immediately without any warning limit or terminate his access to the e-shop or in exceptional cases to cancel Purchaser's registration.

4.3.       Upon occurrence of important circumstances PARTS4YOU.LV can temporarily or completely terminate operation of e-shop without prior warning.

4.4.       PARTS4YOU.LV may cancel Purchaser's order without prior notification if the Purchaser chooses advance payment method and does not pay for products within 3 (three) working days.

4.5.       If the Purchaser chooses the following payment method - in cash upon delivery - PARTS4YOU.LV shall contact the Purchaser in case of any ambiguity by telephone, specified in the order. In such case delivery term is started to count from the day of contacting the Purchaser. PARTS4YOU.LV may cancel Purchaser's order without prior notification if PARTS4YOU.LV cannot contact the Purchaser within 3 (three) working days.

4.6.       PARTS4YOU.LV undertakes to respect Purchaser's right to privacy and his personal information, specified in PARTS4YOU.LV registration form, except cases stipulated in laws of the Republic of Latvia and "Rules on security of personal data".

4.7.       PARTS4YOU.LV undertakes to deliver Purchaser's ordered products at his specified address under conditions, stipulated in Clause 6.3 of the Rules.

4.8.       If PARTS4YOU.LV is not able to deliver the ordered product to the Purchaser due to reasonable circumstances, it undertakes to offer analogous product, which would be as similar as possible by his characteristics. If the Purchaser refuses to accept  analogous product, which is as similar as possible by his characteristics, PARTS4YOU.LV undertakes to return to the Purchaser paid price of the product within 5 (five) working day, if advance payment was made.

   V.  Payment of products

 5.1.       The Purchaser may choose the most appropriate method to pay for products on PARTS4YOU.LV:

5.1.1.  in cash upon delivery of products;
5.1.2.  by credit payment;

 In cash upon delivery of products. By this payment method products are not paid during your order, but paid as the Purchaser collects his products from PARTS4YOU.LV sales points or paid to a courier of parcel delivery service upon delivery of products to a point of delivery, specified by the Purchaser. Service - payment in cash - is free for the Purchaser.

Upon delivery of products to a point of delivery, specified by the Purchaser, by a courier the Purchaser is to have an exact amount of cash as specified in his order.

Credit payment. Purchasers, who signed sale and purchase agreements with SIA "Car4you", can make credit payment in accordance with conditions of the sale and purchase agreement;

5.2.       Prices of products on PARTS4YOU.LV are provided in litas including VAT.

 VI.  Delivery of products

 6.1.       During order of products the Purchaser undertakes to specify the correct point of delivery of products.

6.2.       Products are delivered to customers every  2 working day by a parcel delivery service.

6.3.       Delivery conditions: 
a) If an order is made until 12 p.m., products shall be delivered to a customer the next 2 working day; 
b) If order amount exceeds 75 LVL, products shall be delivered for free; 
c) If order amount is less than 75 LVL, delivery of products shall cost to the Customer 5LVL. 
d) During order of products, please pay your attention at the point that amount deficient to FREE delivery of products is shown in the shopping cart under “Total including VAT”.
e) Products’ delivery in Estonia and Poland costs are 15LVL Eur. without VAT, if order amount exceeds 200 LVL., delivery is free. 

6.4.       PARTS4YOU.LV undertakes to deliver products to the Purchaser in accordance with conditions, stipulated in Clause 3. Terms of these conditions shall not be applied if required goods are out of stock in PARTS4YOU.LV, and the Purchaser shall be informed that his ordered products are not available. The Purchaser shall also agree that delivery of products can be late in exceptional cases due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of PARTS4YOU.LV. In such case PARTS4YOU.LV undertakes to contact the Purchaser and agree upon products' delivery.

6.5.       PARTS4YOU.LV shall be released from responsibility for breach of delivery terms if products are untimely delivered or not delivered to the Purchaser through Purchaser's fault or due to circumstances within Purchaser's control.

6.6.       Upon delivery of Products the Purchaser shall check condition of a parcel together with the authorized representative of PARTS4YOU.LV. After the Purchaser signs in the invoice (waybill) or another document of delivery and acceptance of a parcel, it shall ne considered that transferred parcel is of proper quality. Having noticed that a package of delivered parcel is damaged (crushed, wet or otherwise externally damaged), the Purchaser shall note it in an invoice (waybill) or another document of delivery and acceptance of a parcel and draw up a damaged parcel report in free format with participation of PARTS4YOU.LV representative. If the Purchaser fails to perform these actions, PARTS4YOU.LV shall be released from responsibility to the Purchaser for damage of products, provided that such damage have been conditioned by damage of a package, which hasn't been noted by the Purchaser in aforementioned order.

 VII.  Return and replacement of products

7.1.       The Purchaser, willing to return a products (products) in accordance with cases, shall fill in a product return document, which is being attached to products ordered by the Purchaser, and provide it together with returned product (products), specifying return reason.

7.2.       The Purchaser may use the right., stipulated in a clause of the Rules, within 14 (fourteen) working days after delivery of products to a point of delivery, specified in the order, after notifying sales managers of PARTS4YOU.LV about it.

7.3.       Upon return of products the Purchaser shall observe the following conditions:

a)   Returned product is to be in original and undamaged package;
b)   Returned product is to be undamaged and unspoiled by the Purchaser;
c)    Returned product is to be in good marketable state;
d)   Returned product is to consist of the same completing units as it was sold 
     to the Purchaser;
e)   Upon return of a product it is necessary to provide a purchase documents 
    (invoice, purchase receipt) and filled return document, specified in a clause 
     of the Rules.

7.4.       PARTS4YOU.LV may refuse to accept products returned by the Purchaser, if the Purchaser fails to observe procedure and terms of product return.

7.5.       The Purchaser may deliver returned products to the PARTS4YOU.LV sales point, where he purchased them, at his expense or send them by using services of his chosen courier or PARTS4YOU.LV courier:

a)      If a product is returned not due to poor quality and not through the fault of PARTS4YOU.LV, the Purchaser shall pay product return expenses.

b)      If wrong product received and/or substandard product is returned, PARTS4YOU.LV undertakes to take such products back and replace them by analogous appropriate products. In case if doesn't have analogous products, it shall return to the Purchaser money paid for the product (products).

 VIII.  Responsibility

 8.1.       The Purchaser is fully responsible for correctness of data, provided in the registration form. If the Purchaser fails to provide proper data in the registration form, PARTS4YOU.LV shall not be responsible for arising consequences.

8.2.       The Purchaser shall be responsible for actions, performed while using

8.3.       The Purchaser shall be responsible for confidentiality of his login details and non-disclosure to third persons.

8.4.       PARTS4YOU.LV shall be released from any responsibility in circumstances where losses are caused by non-consideration of PARTS4YOU.LV recommendations and his obligations by the Purchaser; non-familiarization with these Rules though such opportunity was given to him.

8.5.       If links to web-pages of other companies, institutions, organizations or persons are found in PARTS4YOU.LVPARTS4YOU.LV shall not be responsible for information, provided on those web-pages, or conducted activity, or lack of supervision on those web-pages; PARTS4YOU.LV shall not control or represent such companies or persons.

8.6.       The faulty party shall compensate direct damages to the other party, if any.

 IX.  Information exchange

 9.1.       PARTS4YOU.LV shall send all notices at the e-mail address, provided by the Purchaser in the registration form.

9.2.       The Purchaser shall send all notices and questions by communication means, specified in menu item "Contacts" ('Contact us").

   X.  Concluding provisions

 10.1.   These Rules are made in accordance with legal acts of the Republic of Latvia.

10.2.   For interpretation of questions, arising on the ground of these rules, Law of the Republic of Latvia shall be applied.

10.3.   All disagreements, arising in connection with observation of these rules, shall be solved by negotiations. If parties fail to come to an agreement, disputes shall be solved in order, established by laws of the Republic of Latvia.

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